We are Just Getting Started

Nick and Julie ZerwasMy wife Julie and I both grew up in Elk River, attended college in Saint Paul and then moved back to our hometown following college. I currently serve on the Sherburne County United Way Board, the Guardian Angels Fund Development Committee, The Mercy/Unity Hospital Foundation Board, the MNDOT Region 7W Transportation Policy Board, and I am the Chair of the YMCA Community Board.

In addition to my volunteer work, for the last six years I have served on the Elk River City Council, and fought hard to control government spending and keep the city portion of our property tax levy flat. In December I helped create and pass a general fund budget for the city of Elk River that included nearly $830,000 in CUTS!

I would bring this same fiscal responsibility to Saint Paul, and insist the State balance its budget within our means, and NOT on the back of Tax Payers! Let me be clear, THERE IS NO REVENUE PROBLEM IN MINNESOTA, WE HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM!

I believe in, and intend to follow, the Republican Party Platform. I believe that life begins at conception and ends at natural death. I believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. Coming from a law enforcement family I strongly believe in our 2nd Amendment right to keep & bear arms.

Thank You For Your Support!